Double Skin House

The site of the project is a piece of 1150 sqm land (23m x 50m) located in a villa town in Lavasan district. This house is one of the first constructed buildings of this complex; so, the surrounding environment is still under construction.
The excellent environmental nature offers the inhabitants a variety of beautiful perspectives from northern mountains to southern green fields.
The main strategy in this project is to make a dialogue between the project and the environment and integrate the building with its surroundings. According to the municipality regulations of Lavasan, the building has to be located in one side of the land and the other side has to be dedicated to the green open space.
Regarding this fact and in order to make an integration and continuity between the inside of the building and the outside open space, a translucent surface is designed which covers the building in a way that the gap in between this surface and the building makes it possible to connect the green space and the inside of the building together. This cover carries a continuous path which stretches itself to the open space and the first floor terrace through a ramp and a stairway; and then gets connected to the ground floor and the basement through an internal stairway creating a continuous and dynamic circulation in the project.
This circulation is a continuous loop. Moving through this loop, the residents of the building will be given a variety of beautiful perspectives. This loop not only provides a chance to enjoy the colorful perspectives of the sur-roundings, but also is considered as a new landscape to the building.
The structure of this building is steel and the mechanical installations are package units for bedrooms and public areas and also warm floor for sport area and the pool.