Javadieh Pavilion

“Tehran Pavilions” is an urban plan to create new spatial structures on the vacant lots in the deprived neighborhoods of Tehran.
Our project is located in a 75 m2 lot in the dense residential context of Javadieh.
The 70-year-old neighborhood of Javadieh in the southern part of Tehran was formed after World War II, housing the labors. The only public and cultural spaces of the neighborhood were the bazaar, Fardanesh Mosque, and three cinemas named Tooska, Shirin and Pars which have been left unused or demolished since the Iranian Revolution.
Considering the privation of suitable urban and public spaces in the neighborhood, the main concept of the project turned to design a small open air theater that reminds the memory of cinemas and stage performances of the past, and at the same time, will be used by the neighbors (children and adults).
The structure of the design is an exposed concrete shell that takes the form of a porch on one side and transforms into a spectator seating on the other side.
The moving path inside the project is in the shape of a loop, consisting a ramp and stairways, which interconnects the activities that take place in the project.