Mellat Cineplex

Mellat Park Cineplex is located on a rectangular 3,000 m2 land, at the western edge of Mellat Park. The project borders the park on the north and east sides, and is adjacent to Niayesh Freeway on the south, and Enghelab Sports Complex on the west side.
The program included 4 movie theatres, each with an occupancy of 250, a smaller theatre with an occupancy of 30, gallery spaces, restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, office spaces, and service spaces, with a total area of approximately 15,000 m2.
Given the green spaces adjacent to the project, as well as the views of Mellat Park, the concept was to design a concrete core (where the movie theatres were located), floating within a glass envelope. By pulling up the center of the form and separating it from the ground a large “eyvan” was designed that allowed direct access from the park to the city and vice versa, essentially transforming the project from a wall, into a gateway. In addition to providing natural ventilation inside the building, the large terrace also serves as a place for exchanging ideas and holding various cultural events. Locating the gentle circulation ramps against the glass enclosure provides direct views of the park inside the building.
The overall structural design uses deep concrete beams to support the theatres, circulation spaces, as well as the large terrace, giving the project a uniform identity.