Pirouz Cinematic Industries R&D Building

The site of the project is a 3000 m2 land (60m x 50m) located in Pardis Technology Park in Tehran. It has a 2.5 meter drop of level from the north to the south. The project program includes research and workshop spaces along with official and service area.
Regarding the fact that the site is connected to the main streets of the park from both the north and the south, also considering the park regulations which explains that the building should define the edge of the adjacent streets by its volume, the primary concept of the building location was defined in a way that the longer line gets placed next to the southern frontage and the edge of the shorter rectangular gets near to the northern frontage. The project is in three levels on the ground and is a combination of two volumes, one of which is along the southern frontage and the other one is perpendicular to it. The smaller volume gets into the bigger volume through a 90 degree roration.the bigger volume envelopes the smaller volume like a shell and the two volumes gets into a unified body through the connection of their outer and inner surfaces.