Solaris Tower

Location: The site of the project is a stretched plot measuring 30 x 167 meters, locating between two other plots with the same dimensions. There is a 4-story building on the southern lot of the western plot, and more importantly, two towers of 14-story and 22-story are going to be constructed on the eastern plot. Due to the client’s request to increase the number of floors compared with initial permit, and thus the rise in the height of the project, it will be predictable that the owner of the eastern plot would reconsider the size of his towers in the future. Therefore, the probability of neighboring with the same height towers on the east, was considered in our project.

Architectural Concept: Resulting from the site analysis, proximities and environmental perspectives, the architectural concept was to organize the spaces of the project into two layers: eastern and western. The eastern layer was allocated to circulations, while apartments, villas and recreational spaces were situated in the western layer. In other words, the concept was to design a main backbone on the eastern side of the project and attach the residential volume to the mentioned structure. The important point of the concept was designing a thin layer as the core of the complex on one side of the project in order to release the rest of the project’s width for other spaces and terraces, and to have the benefit of the beautiful landscape. In this regard, the main common spaces of the project were detached from the lot, releasing the site from the entrance to the beach. The entrance lobby, locating on the eastern part, next to the plaza and the western park, has a spectacular view of the surroundings, and the open spaces provided next to it give the users a sense of openness and spaciousness. The orientation and appropriate distance of each of eight independent residential volumes also provide stunning views of the sea and the surrounding environment for all the residents of the complex.

Spatial Organization: Solaris project consists of 4 residential towers with the total number of 160 terraced units and a podium including recreational spaces and parking. Two-unit floors (2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units) are organized below the middle garden, and single-unit floors (4-bedroom units) are located above. 4 privileged villas with special facilities and panoramic views, each with a private yard, swimming pool, green spaces, fireplace, barbecue and etc., complement the complex and bring a new experience of presence between the sky and the sea.